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Fixed Access Ladders

Available in aluminium, galvanised mild steel, stainless steel and GRP (Glass Fibre).

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Additional Optional Components for Aluminium Fixed Ladders

The following components are available to aid the construction of aluminium fixed access ladders. Please note, this list is not exhautive and additional components may be available on request.

Main Image: Exit Step

Thumbnail images appear in the following order:  Ground fixing plate; Retractable handhold; Adjustable wall bracket 200mm-250mm; Adjustable wall bracket 250mm-350mm; Hinged rest platform; Base ladder; Emergency exit ladder; Lockable security door.

The price of these components is only applicable if ordered at the same time as an appropriate ladder. If ordering separately, please contact us for additional carriage/postal charge.

Product Code Description Price
(ex vat)
(inc vat)
40945 Exit Step £74.03 £88.84 Buy
43253 Galvanised Ground Fixing Plate £28.62 £34.34 Buy
42181 Aluminium Landing with Crossover £1122.54 £1347.05 Buy
47215 S. Steel Retractable Handhhold £297.86 £357.43 Buy
43258 Adjustable Wall Bracket 200mm-250mm £83.74 £100.49 Buy
43259 Adjustable Wall Bracket250mm-350mm £101.76 £122.11 Buy
43255 Hinged Rest Platform £384.30 £461.16 Buy
41445 Base Ladder £229.95 £275.94 Buy
42446 Emergency Exit Ladder £443.10 £531.72 Buy
43498 Lockable Security Door £677.34 £812.81 Buy
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