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Fixed Access Ladders

Available in aluminium, galvanised mild steel, stainless steel and GRP (Glass Fibre).

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Stainless Steel Fixed Access Ladders

Our stainless steel fixed ladders are a cost-effective and economical system based on the modular principle: components coordinated with one another can be combined in a number of different ways to ensure flexible adaptation to any application. This means that in many cases you can save yourself the expense of a one-off special job. We shall be pleased to assist you with our comprehensive consultation services and put a system together for you that meets your requirements perfectly.

Available in four sizes 1120mm, 1960mm, 2800mm and 3640mm to allow a ladder to be built up on site to the length required. Ladder sections can also be cut on site to exact length required on site.
All our access ladders are CE marked and are fully certified to EN 1090 the latest European standard for fixed access ladders.
For permanent installation to BGV D 36 and DIN 18 799-1, DIN 14 094-1 and EN ISO 14 122-4.
Fixed ladders with back guards according to BGV D 36. Conforms to DIN 14 094 and 18 799 Part 1.
Rungs 280 mm apart.
Stainless steel fixed ladders with perforated non slip 30 × 30 mm square rungs.
Width: 520 mm
Stile dimensions: 60 mm × 25 mm.
We can also produce fixed-ladder designs that differ from the standard specification on request.
Wall brackets are a maximum of 2.00 m apart. However each part of the ladder must be mounted using at least 2 wall brackets.
Wall bracket, Model No. 44257.
'Walk Throughs' are constructed using either of the following combinations of components:
2 x Single Stile Extension- product code 44243

2 x Single Stile Extension- product code 44243 plus 2 x Landing Railing-product code 44248

2 x Galvanised Offset Landing Railing-product code 44049

'Safety Cages' are constructed using Back Hoops-product code 44244 and Connecting Straps-product code 44245. Hoops are fixed at maximum 1400mm intervals and you will require five straps for two hoop cages, ten straps for three hoops cages, fifteen straps for four hoop cages, etc.
Thumbnail images are in the following order: Straight  ladder with cage and walk through;  Back Hoops; Connecting Straps; Wall Bracket; Stile Extension; Landing Rail; Offset Landing Rail: Exit Step: Ground Plate.

Additional components including Retractable handholds, Exit Steps, Ground Fixing Plates etc., can be found under Additional Optional Components for Stainless Fixed Ladders

We can also supplystainless steel ladders  to our cutomers specific requirements and dimensions within the appropriate British And European standards. Give us a call, or send us an email and we will be happy to discuss your needs and give you a quote.



Product Code Description Price
(ex vat)
(inc vat)
44286 1.12m Stainless Steel Ladder Section £330.79 £396.95 Buy
44240 1.96m Stainless Steel Ladder Section £540.79 £648.95 Buy
44241 2.80m Stainless Steel Ladder Section £760.79 £912.95 Buy
44242 3.64m Stainless Steel Ladder Section £970.79 £1164.95 Buy
44239 Stainless Ladder Connector £141.63 £169.96 Buy
42244 Stainless 700mm Back Hoop £64.13 £76.96 Buy
42245 Stainless 1.40m Connecting Strap £30.79 £36.95 Buy
44257 Stainless 'U' Wall Bracket £133.29 £159.95 Buy
44243 Stainless Top Stile Extension £141.63 £169.96 Buy
44248 Stainless Landing Rail £183.29 £219.95 Buy
44049 Offset Landing Rail £180.79 £216.95 Buy
44254 Stainless Exit Step £283.29 £339.95 Buy
44253 Stainless Ground Plate £78.29 £93.95 Buy

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