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Ladder Standards Are Changing

26th May 2017

The new standard will introduce stabilisers on ladders over 3 metres and will include new slip tests. The design of the stabiliser is not restricted to one design. It can be a bar type or lateral type but it must meet the requirements to increase the base width.
Ladders and Stepladders manufactured to the current standards are considered safe, but accident figures from ladders are still too high. The main cause of falls from height are caused by people falling from ladders. The most common incidents involve over-reaching, over-balancing, misuse, unexpected movement and the failure of a fragile surface.
Experience shows that these events usually arise due to poor management rather than equipment failure. The new standard is more focused on performance in use with higher minimum test requirements. The committee responsible for the development of the standard, describe it as a state-of-the-art technical document designed to make ladders safer and more durable. For more details click Here

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