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Foot The Ladder

29th August 2013

A high number of ladder related accidents occur when the base of the ladder slips outwards. This is why it is often required that an individual "foots the ladder"  This product called FOOT THE LADDER fulfils that exact task.   The FOOT THE LADDER  anti slip device fits tightly between the lower two rungs of the ladder by means of a spring loaded mechanism. It has an arm which extends out towards the building or object that the ladder is leaning against. This arm makes firm contact with the ground, creating a triangulation effect which offers superb stability. Once attached it makes the ladder and the device one unit, making it easy to move on the job. It is light, strong, and easy to use, taking only 2 or 3 seconds to fit or remove. For full details and to watch a video of it in action. click on LadderAccessories in the product categories on the left of this page and the select Foot The Ladder.

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