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Folding Timber Loft Ladders

18th September 2011

Folding timber loft ladders offer an elegant solution if you have limited loft space. The ladder folds away and occupies only the space on the loft hatch, taking up no room in the loft, unlike a sliding loft ladder.

Most of our folding ladders are constructed from high-quality Scandinavian spruce or pine, and have an insulated loft hatch to minimise heat loss into the loft.

Our timber folding loft ladders come in a range of sizes and can be cut to size to suit any room. An enxtension piece can also be fitted to some the loft ladders for use in a room with a high ceiling.

We also have a range of ladders with fire resistant hatches  and loft ladders with highly insulated loft hatches.

To view our range of top quality folding timber loft ladders click on loft ladders in the product range on the left of the 'Home' page, then click Timber.

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