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Shelf Ladders

A range of ladders designed for accessing shelving units.

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Timber Shelf Ladders to BS1129 Class 1

Ideal for use in a warehouse, office, shop or in the home, these beautifully made shelf ladders are manufactured from Douglas Fir stiles with treads, which are underwired at intervals, spaced at 250mm centres. They are fitted with a timber crossrail as standard or, alternatively, can be fitted with shafting hooks upon request. The ladders are varnish finished with all metal parts rust proofed.

Please note this product is made to order and so the lead time could vary.

*Products marked with an asterisk are outside of the current British Standard

Price is inclusive of standard delivery mainland England & Wales. Please contact us for delivery charge to other areas before ordering.

Product Code Overall Length Weight Price
(ex vat)
(inc vat)
SL05* 1.47m 3.00kg £152.46 £182.95 Buy
SL06* 1.72m 4.00kg £178.29 £213.95 Buy
SL07 1.97m 5.00kg £203.29 £243.95 Buy
SL08 2.25m 6.00kg £228.29 £273.95 Buy
SL09 2.47m 7.00kg £249.96 £299.95 Buy
SL10 2.72m 8.00kg £277.46 £332.95 Buy
SL11 2.97m 10.00kg £299.96 £359.95 Buy
SL12 3.22m 11.00kg £344.96 £413.95 Buy
SL13 3.47m 12.00kg £383.29 £459.95 Buy
SL14* 3.72m 13.00kg £397.46 £476.95 Buy

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