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A quality range of Glass fibre ladders which are non conductive so are ideal to use where electrical hazards exist

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Euroglas All Glass Fibre Ladders-Three Section Push-Up

Euroglas triple extension ladders are constructed from glass-reinforced plastic, (GRP), and are the ultimate in GRP ladders.

This all glassfibre ladder is constructed from box section stiles made of glass reinforced plastic and rungs manufactured from serrated non-slip, resin matrix glass reinforced tubes. The rungs themselves are fully bonded into specially designed box section stiles.

Years of research and development have gone into the design and manufacture of the Euroglas Ladders and this has resulted in a unique rectangular box section ladder stile capable of providing enormous strength together with lightness, safety and durability.

These ladders fully comply with the European Standard EN131, the American ANSI 14.5 and the British Standard ESI 13-1.

The all glassfibre construction of these ladders provides a product which is completely electrically insulated and ideal for use within high voltage environments.

Euroglas Ladders have been tested to American ANSI 14.5 and exceed the following electrical tests of ANSI 14.5:

AC Dielectric Strength:- the minimum Dieletric Strength allowed is 25,000 volts and Euroglas Ladders surpass this with a minimum Dieletrical Strength of 35,000 volts:

DC Current Leakage:- the maximum D.C. Current Leakage when tested at 90,000 volts should be no greater than 90 micro amperes - Euroglas Ladders have been shown to have a DC current leakage of only 60 micro amperes.

With exceptional electrical resistance and a structure with a high degree of weather and chemical resistance Euroglas Ladders offer high quality cost effective solutions within the range of specialist GRP ladders.

Euroglas extension ladders are also available with optional rope and pulley operation. Please contact us for details.

All Euroglas ladders are made to order. please allow approximately 3 weeks for delivery.


Product Code Closed Height-Mtr Extended Length-Mtr Rungs Weight Price
(ex vat)
(inc vat)
TEG20 2.44 6.00 3x8 26.50 £811.63 £973.96 Buy
TEG24 3.05 7.30 3x10 33.10 £989.13 £1186.96 Buy
TEG30 3.66 9.10 3x12 38.80 £1169.96 £1403.95 Buy
TEG36 4.28 11.00 3x14 44.40 £1358.29 £1629.95 Buy
TEG40 4.88 12.20 3x16 56.00 £1781.63 £2137.96 Buy

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