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A quality range of Glass fibre ladders which are non conductive so are ideal to use where electrical hazards exist

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Aluglas Glass Fibre Ladders-Two Section Push Up

The Aluglas range of double extension ladders combine extremely strong glass-fibre stiles together with high strength aluminium rungs to produce lightweight, strong and durable extension ladders. 

The ladder stiles themselves are constructed from pultruded rectangular box section glass reinforced plastic and fitted with large non-slip rubber safety feet. The 'D' shaped aluminum rungs, providing a secure and comfortable foot hold, are secured to the stiles using a revolutionary method of fixing.

Tested to comply with the strength requirements of the following standards - European Standard EN 131, American National ANSO 14.5 and British Standard BS2037 Class 1 (rungs) the combination of strong glass-fibre sections and heavy duty aluminium rungs produces high quality ladders which are electrically insulated to over 25,000 volts.

Aluglas extension ladders are also available with optional rope and pulley operation. Please contact us for details.

All Aluglas ladders are made to order. please allow approximately 10 working days for delivery.


Product Code Closed Ht - Mtr Extended Ht - Mtr No of Rungs Weight - (Kg) Price
(ex vat)
(inc vat)
AGD14 2.44 4.20 14 15.10 £533.29 £639.95 Buy
AGD18 3.05 5.49 18 16.90 £616.63 £739.96 Buy
AGD22 3.66 6.70 22 22.70 £699.13 £838.96 Buy
AGD26 4.27 7.92 26 26.50 £780.79 £936.95 Buy
AGD29 4.88 8.84 30 30.30 £864.96 £1037.95 Buy
AGD33 5.49 10.06 34 34.00 £1183.29 £1419.95 Buy
AGD36 6.10 10.97 38 40.50 £1283.29 £1539.95 Buy

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