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Fixed Access Ladders

Available in aluminium, galvanised mild steel, stainless steel and GRP (Glass Fibre).

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Manhole/Shaft Ladders

These ladders have been specially developed to meet the high requirements for manhole/shaft ladders. They are an economical solution for safe access in sewerage plants, drainage shafts, manholes, etc. Available in either galvanised mild steel, glass fibre (GRP) or stainless steel, they fully conform to the standard DIN EN14396

Specifications - Galvanised & Stainless Steel

  • Internal width 400mm
  • Overall width 440mm
  • Rung spacing 280mm
  • Stile 50mm x 20mm
  • Perforated rungs 29mm x 29mm
  • *Wall brackets 150mm stand off 

Specifications - Glass Fibre

  • Internal width 400mm
  • Overall width 450mm
  • Rung spacing 280mm
  • Stile 58mm x 25mm
  • Non-slip rungs 30mm x 30mm
  • *Wall brackets 150mm stand off


*Prices shown below are inclusive of 150mm standard brackets. Adjustable brackets are available if required POA.

Please note, products 47374, 47635 and 47356 currently have a 3-4 week lead time.

Prices are inclusive of carriage to mainland England and Wales. For carriage charges to all other areas, please contact us before ordering.



Product Code Ladder Length Description Price
(ex vat)
(inc vat)
47334 1.96m Galvanised Mild Steel £228.29 £273.95 Buy
47374 1.96m Glass Fibre £344.13 £412.96 Buy
47354 1.96m Stainless Steel £544.13 £652.96 Buy
47336 2.52m Galvanised Mild Steel £329.13 £394.96 Buy
47376 2.52m Glass Fibre £389.96 £467.95 Buy
47356 2.52m Stainless Steel £664.13 £796.96 Buy
47338 3.08m Galvanised Mild Steel £333.29 £399.95 Buy
47378 3.08m Glass Fibre £502.46 £602.95 Buy
47358 3.08m Stainless Steel £836.63 £1003.96 Buy
47633 3.64m Galvanised Mild Steel £387.46 £464.95 Buy
47673 3.64m Glass Fibre £563.29 £675.95 Buy
47653 3.64m Stainless Steel £958.29 £1149.95 Buy
47635 4.20m Galvanised Mild Steel £411.63 £493.96 Buy
47675 4.20m Glass Fibre £622.46 £746.95 Buy
47655 4.20m Stainless Steel £1078.29 £1293.95 Buy
47234 1.50m Entrance Aid for Galvanised £266.63 £319.96 Buy
47236 1.50m Entrance Aid for S/S £390.79 £468.95 Buy

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